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The main goal of TRANSFEU is to develop a holistic approach of fire safety-performance based-design methodology able to support efficiently European surface transport standardisation. In particular, the project will directly contribute to the finalisation of the CEN EN 45545 Part 2 for a dynamic measure of toxicity and to use FSE and simulation as a possible alternative to current Fire safety regulation and standard (TSI and TS 45545). It will be based on:

A new, accurate measurement tool for toxic gas fire effluents under dynamic conditions for Public Transport Guided Systems. This new tool will allow a continuous record of toxic gas concentrations versus time to be determined; 

A deeper understanding and measurement of underlying dynamic phenomena governing fire initiation, growth under typical railway vehicle scenarios, which can predict the real scale burning behaviour of products and assemblies; 

The adoption of fire safety engineering methodology that offers the necessary modelling tools for establishing realistic and acceptable economic levels of fire safety without unnecessary constraints in vehicle or vessel design. This will be supported by the development of original simulation tools;

The application and validation of the tests, methods and tools in public transport guided systems fire safety scenarios and standardization with potential to other surface transports.