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As a public research body, LNE carries out studies and research in the fields of measurement (all quantities), consumer protection and sustainable development. LNE research programmes belong to the following fields:

  1. Developing and maintaining metrological references in order to provide industry – and the wider community – with the infrastructure needed to ensure measurements are accurate and reliable and are traceable to the international SI system.
    LNE is now responsible for steering and coordinating French metrological research in all fields. 

  2. Measuring and testing for safety, health and sustainable development. The aim is:
    - meeting society’s measurement and traceability needs in the fields of health, environment and energy management.
    - developing and maintaining strict safety and public health requirements for products from around the world – particularly consumer products – available in European market. 

  3. Supporting major technological developments and projects. As a national reference laboratory LNE is involved in projects which present specific measurement, instrumentation or characterization needs. This area of research mainly concerns nanotechnology and new information and communication technologies (NICT).