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Today, 160 years after its founding, Siemens is one of the world’s largest and most respected companies in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. The company supports customers in some 190 countries with innovative technologies and wide-ranging expertise. The main business sectors are industry, healthcare and energy.

Within SIEMENS’ industry sector the division mobility is pursuing the goal of networking various transportation systems with one another in order to move people and goods efficiently. Complete Mobility combines the competencies in operating systems for rail and road traffic with solutions for airport logistics, postal automation and rail electrification, as well as rail vehicles for mass transit, regional and long-distance transportation. The departments involved are part of the R&D organization.

Fire Safety Department and Aerodynamics Department of SIEMENS’ Mobility Rolling Stock division will be involved in TRANSFEU. The Fire Safety Department division is responsible for the design of trains according the national and international fire safety standards and regulations. This includes choice, assessment and testing of materials, design and testing of fire barriers, design of vehicles, running capability (system functioning) and the design of fire detection and suppression systems.

The Aerodynamics Department is responsible for all matters of aerodynamics, such as cross wind stability, head pressure pulse, train induced velocities, tunnel aerodynamics and simulation of air flow within the vehicles.