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Deutsche Bahn AG is the leading mobility and logistics service provider in Germany, with approximately a quarter of a million employees. Over the past few years, the Deutsche Bahn Group has developed, step by step, into a leading international mobility and logistics services provider. The Group provides services in three major divisions. It ensures mobility for its customers in long-distance, regional, and urban transport, provides integrated transportation and logistics services worldwide, and operates the track infrastructure and offers transport- related services.

Deutsche Bahn’s technical know-how is pooled at its engineering centre DB Systemtechnik which is Europe’s biggest centre of excellence for railway technology. It boasts a thousand-strong workforce and 18 integrated test centres and, as well as providing specialist support for the DB Group, is also increasingly active on the global railway market.

DB Systemtechnik draws up technical and organisational solutions for rolling stock, infrastructure facilities and command-control systems plus their maintenance systems as well as for environmental protection issues. It also provides review and consultancy services for the design, commissioning and optimisation phases.