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ANSALDOBREDA is the company in Finmeccanica's Transportation Sector, responsible for design and manufacture of railway and mass transit vehicles. The new company has been established by merging the unit of Ansaldo Trasporti, that produces vehicle electronic drives and on board equipment, with Breda Costruzioni Ferroviarie, one of the largest mechanical builders in the world.

ANSALDOBREDA has substantial customer portfolios built up over decades of operation in its markets, with products now present in four continents. Its transportation systems are operating in major cities world-wide as the long-standing experience of these two prestigious companies established their reputations in many countries of the world, so their merging now forms a concentration of many strengths and will create considerable competitive edge in the global marketplace. Manchester, Washington, Copenhagen, Lille, Oslo, Atlanta, San Francisco, Birmingham, Los Angeles, as well as the Eurotunnel, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ankara... are just some of the clients that have chosen ANSALDOBREDA systems.

The research center in the Naples seat has a special test room which can carry out tests on rail vehicles normally conducted on line. This structure brings substantial time saving in the process of railway and metropolitan vehicle qualification and is also of use in vehicle design work.