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A European step forward for engineering fire control

November 2012 : the project is now finished

See the results and the final report


Public Transport Guided Systems are one of the safest transport modes; however, there is still the risk that a fire could break out. Toxic effect level measurement of materials and their toxicity classification is very critical and also difficult to assess in estimating real safe evacuation conditions of passengers.

The current prescriptive approach gives solutions in fire safety design of railway vehicles or waterborne vessels. The new prescriptive classification of products is based on dynamic measurements of various material toxic effects is needed, and will be more accurate.

The consideration of larger, complex vehicle structure designs together with the presence of more complex phenomena, due to combined effect of toxic emission, heat release, smoke distribution and active / passive safety on vehicles, implies the utilisation of an alternative holistic approach. This global or “holistic” approach is possible using a performance-based fire safety methodology, which provides more flexible and economic solutions. This new holistic approach can propose a range of alternative and complementary fire safety strategies using innovative advanced materials able to achieve the design objectives of rail vehicles and other means of transportation, like marine craft.

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