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03 October 2012 15:18 Age: 8 yrs

Transfeu held its final conference and presented its main results.

Many people, from different entities and countries, participated to this event.


Below are the presentations of speakers :



10:00 Official opening of the event by the moderatorSerge Metral
10:10 Word from the European CommissionAlexandra-Maria Gurau, DG RTD
10:20 Word from the coordinator and the leader of the
Scientific Panel

Alain Sainrat, LNE / Silvio Messa, LS Fire

10:30 - Results of TRANSFEU 

10:30 Test methods to evaluate the toxicity of combustion gasesSilvio Messa, LS Fire
11:00 Validation by real and full scale testsMaria / johlman, SP
11:30 Proposal for classification of railway products Peter Briggs, Exova
12:00 Discussion  
Alain Sainrat, LNE 

12:15 - LUNCH BREAK 

13:45 Fire Safety Engineering  (FSE)
13:45 fire safety engineering methodologyHeinz Reimann, Bombardier
14:05 simulation tool Eric Guillaume, LNE
14:25 example of application of FSE for railway and
other surface transport
Arnaud Marchais, RATP and Koichi Yoshida, on behalf of IMO
14:45 Discussion  
Heinz Reimann, Bombardier 

15:00 - Impact on standardisation – benefits of TRANSFEU  

15:00 Standardisation Serge Metral
15:20 Benefits for safetyMattias Potrafke, EBA
15:40 The European legislation relative to Interoperability:
how the outputs of the Transfeu project are planned to be integrated into such legislation
Antoine Defosset, ERA 
15 :55What ISO TC 92 SC1 needs from Transfeu
research output for ISO Standards What
IMO will incorporate from Transfeu research
output into IMO FTP Code
Koichi Yoshida, Chairman of ISO TC92
SC1 and Past Chairman of IMO Fire
Protection Committee (Convener of IMO
FTP Code)
16:55 Economic evaluation/impact
 Heinz Reimann - BT

16:55 - Final discussion and conclusions  - Serge Metral